Handsome young man wearing khaki shorts and a green floral Hawaiian shirt. He is smiling at a pretty women wearing a pink tropical dress with yellow plumeria flowers. The couple is holding hands while strolling on a sand beach in Hawaii.

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Red men's Aloha shirt with brighter red silhouettes of palm trees, with attractive white orchid flowers allover and foliage in differing hues of green. KY's Men's Red Orchid Aloha Shirts

Classic mens red Aloha shirts with orchid flowers and matched shirt pocket. This is the perfect camp shirt. 100% cotton - Made in Hawaii by KY's.

Our Price: $42.95
Mens multicolor and multi design patchwork Hawaiian shirts, affectionately named ugly Hawaiian shirts Men's Multicolor Ugly Hawaiian Shirts

World famous ugly Hawaiian shirts for gag gifts and ugly Hawaiian shirt contests. Not your run-of-the-mill Aloha shirt. 100% cotton. Made in the USA by Wave Shoppe

Our Price: $45.95
Sand colored mens Hawaiian Aloha shirt with Honu and block print tattoos in blue, gold and brown colors. KY's Sand Tattoo & Honu Aloha Shirt

Sand colored Aloha shirt with Honu and block print tattoos in blue, gold and brown colors. Matches well with any color pants.

Our Price: $42.95
Good-looking young man standing on a beach with his arms folded, wearing a traditional green Aloha shirt with a ocean in the background.

Made in the USA

Wave Shoppe Hawaiian shirts are stylish, as well as affordable. And best of all our Hawaiian clothing is made right here in the USA in San Diego and Oahu, HI. 

Featuring Wave Shoppe and KY'S Aloha shirts; we offer regular fit and big Hawaiian shirts. These are classic cotton Hawaiian shirts for men, and they are made with Aloha.

Ladies can revere the island lifestyle with comfortable fitting women's Hawaiian shirts in regular fit and plus sizes. Also offered are tropical print sun dresses, and traditional long and mid-calf length Hawaiian muumuu dresses.

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