Sea Life Sunset Hawaiian Shirt KY's Sea Life Sunset Hawaiian Shirt

You will fall in love with the coloring and detail in the fish and coral reef, as well as the dolphins! This turquoise Hawaiian shirt is made from 100% cotton. Made in Hawaii

Our Price: $42.95
KYs Red Hibiscus Chest-band Hawaiian Aloha Shirt KY's Red Chestband Aloha Shirt

Classy mens red Aloha shirt with hibiscus and tropical foliage (matched at the chest-band). Palms silhouetted in fabric. 100% cotton - Made in Hawaii

Our Price: $42.95
Wave Shoppe Mens Multicolor Ugly Hawaiian Shirt - Made in the USA Men's Multicolor Ugly Hawaiian Shirts

World famous ugly Hawaiian shirts for gag gifts and ugly Hawaiian shirt contests. Not your run-of-the-mill Aloha shirt. 100% cotton. Made in the USA by Wave Shoppe

Our Price: $45.95
Mens Hawaiian Shirts

Made in the USA

Wave Shoppe men's Hawaiian shirts are affordable.  

Featuring Wave Shoppe and KY'S clothing labels, we offer regular fit and big Hawaiian shirts with tropical designs. Our Hawaiian shirts for men are made in the USA with Aloha.

We also offer comfortable fitting women's Hawaiian shirts in regular fit and plus sizes. Also offered are kaftan's, long as well as mid-calf length Hawaiian muumuu dresses.

Aloha For Family

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