Wave Shoppe Plus Size Fashion

Wave Shoppe Hawaiian Shirts has been on a quest to produce fashionable Hawaiian shirts that slenderize the large and lovely woman. Our quest started some time ago when we had several phone calls and emails from plus size women who were looking for shirts to fit larger women.

We had several comments like “I really love the shirts on your website, but I need a larger size,” or “I am going to a party and can’t find a shirt to fit me anywhere”. After several such phone calls & emails we decided to move forward and offer shirts for fuller sized women.

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We started our quest by finding a pattern maker that had experience in making patterns for plus size Hawaiian shirts for women. We had several lengthy meetings with her and tested quite a few patterns before we selected our favorite pattern. Once we had the pattern we cut some samples from the patterns and had one shirt from each size sewn.

At this time we had several women who knew we were going to make plus size shirts, so we stayed in contact with them and asked if we sent them a free shirt would they give us their valuable feedback.

We sent our test shirts to different sized women and asked them to rate the plus size Hawaiian shirts on comfort & fit to name a few things. We adjusted our patterns on their suggestions and thanks to their efforts and ideas we incorporated their changes into our patterns. These plus size shirt patterns are originals, not clones.

The next step was to find the fabrics to make the shirts. We wanted fabrics that were colorful, snappy and fresh. We wanted fabrics that would breathe well, feel comfortable and make our customers look fashionable.

We are excited and proud to announce that we have accomplished our goal. Our new shirts are colorful, fun and trendy. Please give our plus sizes a try, we think you will be quite satisfied with this new trend in plus size fashion.

Before we forget, we recently took on making patterns for plus size Kaftans and we now have a decent starter line in Hawaiian prints!
There is also lots of colorful fabrics waiting to be transformed, so it you don't see something in a plus size for you today, it may be there tomorrow. We also offer a very nice inventory of men and womens Hawaiian shirts in sizes XS to 5X.

Special thanks go out to Stacy (patterns), Irma & Lorna (sewing) and Charles & Javier (cutters), your all da bomb!


Peggy Stankovich