How to Tie a Sarong

Hot girl wearing a short sarong

Short Sarong (Skirt Sarong)

1. Step in front of your beautiful sarong.

2. Draw even ends (or ties) of the sarong forward and let the fabric rest on your waist. The un-fringed end of the sarong is the section that you want to draw around your waist.

3. Tie ends of the sarong around your waist and then secure with a classy knot.

Full Length Sarong

1. Wrap the Hawaiian sarong evenly around your waist, pulling the ends of the sarong forward. If your sarong has fringe or beads, make sure that you pull the un-fringed end of the sarong to the front of your waist.

2. Tuck one end of the sarong into your bathing suit bottom at the opposite hip. Fashion tip: You may elect to secure your sarong with a safety pin if the elastic of your bathing suit or string of your bikini is not wide enough to hold the sarong fabric.

3. Now bring the free end of the sarong towards the other hip, smoothing the sarong across your belly. Hold the fabric with one hand and begin to fold a few inches past your belly button.

4. Make two or three pleats in the sarong and then fold the pleated end of the sarong into your waistband.

Halter Dress Sarong

1. Place sarong flat across your upper back. Draw the top ends of the Hawaiian sarong forward making sure you keep the ends of the sarong even in length.

2. Gather the big ends of the sarong and tie once across your bust. Afterwards, gently pull on the "rabbit ears" to secure.

3. Bring the loose ends of the sarong up and over your shoulders and tie behind the neck (not too tight).